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Lovina Bhavnani-Akowuah, MBA, is a dedicated mother, wife and an entrepreneur. She received herUndergraduate education in the United Kingdom at the University of East London, where she completed a degree in Business Administration. She did her graduate work at Fairleigh Dickinson University Teaneck NJ where she successfully completed their Masters of Business Administration program with a Major in Human Resource Management. Her passion for Talent Development began over 15 years ago while she was searching for a career path that fulfilled her. In 2009, Lovina was introduced to a rapidly growing global telecommunications and Energy Company. The opportunity-filled a void and became the catalyst to change in her life. Today, she is a Best-Selling Author and also the founder of LBA Consulting where she serves her clients in the areas of Motivational Speaking and Coaching.

Lovina’s compelling personal story of an “unfulfilled” mother of three who took a leap to transition from just “existing” to unleashing and pursuing her passion resonates with men and women globally.

Lovina believes that the journey to greatness is brutally challenging, however most people are uninformed and are usually unprepared when faced with any struggle, challenge or distraction and often quit because of failure. With transparency and authenticity, she shares her ups and downs of her journey to transition from an exceptional corporate employee to a stay-at-home mum, to a leader in the direct marketing industry to becoming an author and motivational speaker inspiring audiences to believe in themselves and to live their greatness. Lovina has coached 1,000’s of individuals to develop a strong mental and emotional attitude. She believes with the right mentor and coaching a person can have a rewarding journey to success, if they have the desire to win and are prepared to overcome their challenges!

Lovina will motivate and inspire any audience as she consistently applies Personal Development and key Success principles, bringing real-life experiences to her presentations and trainings. She captures and holds her audiences with high energy, passion, captivating stories and real life examples. Her messages motivate, inspire and produce results. Lovina shows audiences the power of dreams and the keys to turning them into realities. Lovina’s message is simple; Success is by Choice not by Chance. Figure out what fulfills you and don’t stop until you achieve it.
She focuses on coaching individuals to unleash their greatness through entrepreneurship.


  • WOW! I sure hit GOLD when I helped YOU, Missy! Its so unreal the way people meet sometimes–even ‘by accident’! It was my fortune to have been able to help you. — Jeri Moore,

    • Thank you Jeri. I feel the same way about you. I am excited to build a good friendship.


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