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I was blessed to have the opportunity to hear Ms. Lovina Akowuah at our Annual Woman’s Prayer Breakfast at Higher Ground Church Fellowship Center, Cincinnati, OH in March 2014, where she was invited to be our guest motivational speaker.

Ms. Akowuah not only had an empowering messages on “Releasing Your Greatness” the book she recently authored but she delivered it in such an efficient and effective manner. Her ability to articulate her thoughts in an interesting and professional manner was breathtaking and done with such ease.

Ms. Akowuah captured the audience with such poise and grace that the Women, Men and Children were mesmerized by her undaunted transparency and sincerity.

Ms. Akowuah is gifted in the area of communication. Her unique style enabled her to reach audiences of all ages, races, and religious denominations. During her delivery, she effectively addressed the teenagers including them in her presentation. “Wow, she was awesome and I felt she was actually taking directly to me.” commented one of the teenagers. This observation is noteworthy and speaks to Her ability to incite “action and motivation” But not only did she reach the teenagers she bridged the gap by including one of the senior citizens, actually the oldest female in the audience by pointing out that she had spoken with her and encouraged her. She then stated that “no matter what age you are, you can achieve your life long desires, dreams and aspirations.”

This young motivational speaker is phenomenal and possesses a great deal of Wisdom that surpasses far beyond her chronological years.

Ms. Akowuah has a very compelling message and she shared some very interesting gims of wisdom using her personal testimony.
Her message will no doubt have you filled with laughter and tears of joy. She will leave you feeling a sense of purpose and/or an intense “desire to find” your God-given purpose in life.

Lastly, although Ms. Akowuah is not American born her African Dialect mesmerizes her audiences along with her fashionable style, flare, glamour and professionalism.

Ms. Akowuah will no doubt be one of the most sought after Women in Motivational Speaking industry. I highly recommend her. It is our desire that she will grace our congregation on and Annual basis, based on her availability.

Rev. Deborah D. Hooks
Co-Pastor and Church Administrator
Higher Ground Church Fellowship Center
P.O. Box 31407
Cincinnati, OH 45231

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