Lovina will motivate and inspire any audience as she consistently applies Personal Development and Key Success principles, bringing real life experiences to her presentations.



Author of Unleash your KIDness and the critically acclaimed self-help book Unleash Your Greatness, Lovina is an established author with her 3rd book being released this summer.



Lovina's personal story of an "unfulfilled" mother who took a leap to transform from just "existing" to unleashing and pursuing her passion. Her story resonates with men and women globally


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Lovina Bhavnani-Akowuah, MBA, is a dedicated mother,  wife and an entrepreneur. She received her Undergraduate education in the United Kingdom at the University of East London, where she completed a degree in Business Administration. She did her graduate work at Fairleigh Dickinson University Teaneck NJ where she successfully completed their Masters of Business Administration program with a Major in Human Resource Management. Her passion for Talent Development began over 15 years ago while she was searching for a career path that fulfilled her. In 2009, Lovina was introduced to a rapidly growing global telecommunications and Energy Company. The opportunity-filled a void and became the catalyst to change in her life. Today, she is a Best-Selling Author and also the founder of LBA Consulting where she serves her clients in the areas of Motivational Speaking and Coaching

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Unleash Your Greatness

This book focuses on The Catalyst to Change. It will share what became the catalyst to change in the author's life and help the reader through a comprehensive reflection process to figure out their “what”. It will also prepare the reader for the journey of success through the author's experiences.

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Unleash Your KIDness

In Unleash Your KIDness The book closes with a list of techniques and strategies for parents that can unleash the power and potential within their children, teaching them to become their own biggest source of motivation. Afia, the oldest of three siblings, came up with the title for the book. When she was younger, she always enjoyed writing and when her mother would sit down to work on her Unleash Your Greatness series, Afia would be there next to her, working on her own “books”.

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Lovina Akowuah

Author | Speaker | Coach


Kenosha Wisconsin

  • Wed Jan 16 | 04:00pm | WAUKESHA

    Join us as we explore our innate ability to be courageous in both setting and achieving goals. You will learn 5 practical ways to Master the Art of Courage that can break all barriers in the 5 major aspects of our lives: career, personal, social, health and spiritual.

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    January 1, 1970


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