FEAR be gone….

Can I share a secret with you? Shhh

Fear attacked me and almost crippled me these last few weeks. Thank goodness I was prepared for it….

I tell you what? Fear can be mean. It can attack you from every angle. It can cause you to feel like:

·        You are not capable

·        You are limited by your current abilities

·        You are not worthy of the BEST

·        You cannot have, do and be what you desire

·        You are a failure

·        You will stumble and fall

Can you relate to any of these?  Without a shadow of a doubt I experienced more than one of these if not all of these in the past few weeks.

I was not prepared to allow FEAR to take me down a deep hole. So Guess what I did?

I FACED FEAR HEAD ON…. I invited FEAR closer. I dealt with it the way I knew BEST. Check out the 7 ways I dealt with FEAR.



1. EXPOSE IT- I exposed fear by teaching about it of all of the month of January. Sometimes, when something bothers you so much and seems to overtake your entire thought process, I have found that instead of feeling shy about it, it is better to actually speak about it openly. When we open our mouth to speak openly about the one thing that is keeping us awake at night, it no longer becomes a secret. You release it into the universe and you come to terms with it. It is critical tho, that you learn who you openly share this with, because if you are not sharing it with the right person, chances are, the wrong audience can lead you to increase the pressure that FEAR is having on you. Last week, I had the chance to speak with a group of professionals and I talked about writing down your FEAR. One person decided she wanted to share it with me and so she asked me to step out of the room with her. I was so happy she did, because you could tell she had bottled up this issue for a long time and couldn’t find anyone to tell. Suddenly, after she released it, I immediately saw a sense of FREEDOM burst out of her. First with a big sigh and then a big smile, followed with a BIG hug. See, It’s not that difficult, instead of hiding it. EXPOSE IT and let go….


2. Identify which of the 7 types of FEAR is crippling you- Last week, I shared in my Transformational video, the 7 types of fear that could attack your mind.

a)      The Fear of the Unknown
b)      The Fear of the Unattempted
c)      The Fear of Failing
d)      The Fear of Letting others down
e)      The Fear of starting all over again
f)       The Fear of starting
g)       The Fear of Shame

See, once you identify which particular fear is holding you back, it allows you to know how to deal with it. It forces you to create awareness, and once you become aware of it, you can identify it really quickly and ensure it doesn’t immediately affect your mood. Think about it as working on developing a positive habit. When you have the urge to get into a routine you are attempting to address, experts say that since it’s a behavioral issue, it helps it you apply the success tri-factor. Create that awareness, be prepared for the trigger and then reward yourself when you successfully push yourself back from letting that habit or behavior overtake you. So that’s what I did. I named that FEAR, stayed vigilant and consistently overcame it, when it appeared….


3. Train your mind to ACT like an Incredible Hulk– I don’t know about you, but I can feel like an incredible hulk almost all the time if I get a workout in. Have you tried it? Every time I go for a run and I shut down the noise around me, I descend into a POWER mode. I come out feeling like I can run through any hurdle that comes my way. Maybe, working out doesn’t do it for you, but I am sure you have your own Incredible hulk trigger as well. Well, what are you waiting for? Use it.. Use it every time FEAR shows up. Let FEAR know you are in CONTROL. Tell FEAR, today is not the day and make him disappear by doing what makes you feel like that incredible hulk. Try it… You would totally love it..


4.  Invest more time in your CRAFT – When FEAR tells you, you are not capable, that’s when you show FEAR you are more than Capable. But don’t just say it, PROVE IT. Allow no accidents to happen. Invest time to sharpen your CRAFT or your act for that Matter. Let FEAR know who the boss is. Too much practice has never failed anyone, It only enhances your ability and minimizes your chances of error. Don’t allow any loop holes. Cover every angle and ensure you are ready to show up and be present. My favorite quote: PREPARATION IS KEY TO SUCCESS. Adapt this principle and watch how FEAR runs off a cliff…


5.  Recite your daily affirmations twice a day – Let me start by sharing one of my favorite quotes “ What the mind can conceive and BELIEVE, the mind can achieve- Napoleon Hill. This statement, believe it or not, has saved me multiple times since I began my journey as an Entrepreneur.  I AM. Two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them can definitely shape your REALITY. Believe me, if you haven’t tried it, please do. Practice your daily affirmations and you will be amazed at how this could impact your REALITY as opposed to the FEAR that is trying to overtake your mind.


6. Pray–  Do you believe there is a higher power than you? Whatever your belief is, it is essential that we understand how powerful surrendering your struggles to a higher being can have an impact on your journey. It has become an essential practice for me. From a biblical perspective, as soon as I became aware of what FEAR was trying to do, I decided to arm myself.  I enrolled in a bible lesson plan called “From FEAR to FREEDOM”


7. Write it down– Did you know writing is very POWERFUL? When you write things down it forces you to see what actually goes on in your thoughts. It’s a mirror image of you. Not only that, it ensure that you are creating a REALITY for yourself. In my case I decided to stretch myself by writing this blog to you as my way of making sure whenever the sense of FEAR begins to emerge, I can refer to these 7 steps again and again.


So get ready… Let me hear about what FEARS you are dealing with today.