Month: December 2013

Do your Children have to look outside for a role model?

I was thinking today about how my daughter revers me. I am so blessed to have three little children and all three of them are my biggest fun, however my 6 year old daughter seems to take it to a whole different level. Every morning she waits till I get dressed up and she picks […]

Develop the ” Do-it NOW!” Attitude

As we are getting ready to end 2013. I can’t help but remember year after year when many of us have laid down our goals and tucked it away just a few weeks into the year. Just like anything else we all tend to wait for the last minute to do anything and it catches […]

What if you choose to give up?

I woke up this morning feeling blessed and thankful for all the opportunities that has been presented to me. I wondered what would have happened if I chose not to grasp the opportunity but rather let is slide away. What will my life be like today? It saddens me that many are presented with the […]