A few days ago I decided that I needed accountability in order to achieve a goal I wrote down to achieve by 3/9/2014.

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Prior to that I had been working out consistently and my body was used to all the strenuous moves, sit ups and push-ups, however because I had stopped working out I found it so difficult to do moves that I was used to doing so easily. As I kept thinking during my push up I wondered what would have happened if I had not quit and continued. I likened it to my heater at home; the experts usually tell you that when you leave home you should not turn it off completely but just reduce it because it uses a lot more energy to start up.
So I imagined that this same principle would apply to our journey to greatness. Once we begin the journey to greatness, it behooves us to continue the journey no matter how tough it gets. Imagine climbing a mountain, being half way up the mountain and you let go. This would mean you have to start from the bottom again and re-build the stamina, the momentum, the strength and the time it took you to get half the way, understanding that the journey is going to be tough no matter what.

So my advice to you is to maintain the momentum and keep pressing hard. It will get easier along the way. Your time is near.