An AHA! moment worth sharing

Have you ever had a sudden realization and insight into what has been holding you back?

Well I promised to share my deep thoughts with you during my Marathon journey and today’s AHA! moment is one worth sharing. This happens to be my third week of training with my Coach. The whole week, I had been very frustrated with my running statistics, I felt I was not making any progress no matter how hard I tried. I felt tired when I run in the evening, so i changed to the afternoon and then I changed again to early morning. All in hopes of getting the right rhythm and sticking with it. Each time I tried my average mile per minute got worse. At this point I was losing hope and wondered how much progress I could make. As a result, I was pretty adamant about attending my running club this week and meeting with my Coach.

It suddenly started raining and it was my perfect excuse not to go out and run today. Suddenly I heard a loud voice ” Mummy why won’t you go? you said you wanted to be CONSISTENT who? what? I was lost for words. At this point I did not have a choice, my 9 year old daughter, really became the voice I needed to hear. Moments later I got a text from my Coach saying since we cannot run outdoor today lets meet at an indoor running place. Seriously ???? Great , let me pack up the kids and head out there ūüôā Reluctantly I made my way there. Everyone cancelled so guess what now I became privileged to have his one on one attention. We spent 10 mins warming up and I started my run. 15 mins into my run, I was still going and was not ready to stop and catch my breath like I had been all week. Suddenly a light bulb moment happened. ” I was struggling all week because I had failed to warm up before my runs” This was having a¬†negative impact on me because my body was being abused and not prepared enough.

How many of us, in our daily walks have simply failed to warm up before we attack a big hurdle.

Warming up in your business could simply mean, doing your due diligence to research your dreams before jumping.

I hope this is a lesson for all of us and wanted to share this as a reminder for all of us and encourage some one today.

Please feel free to share with me any AHA! moments that are worth sharing. You would be surprised how many people you will bless with your story.