My First Marathon Journey

Yes!!! I did it. I enrolled for my very first Marathon. I am so excited but at the same time hoping and praying that I can live through it 🙂 All I want to do is finish the race.

How many of you simply want to finish the race you started. If you ready my book Unleash your Greatness, I shared great detail about “running the race” in Chapter 5. That Chapter surely summarizes in a nutshell the journey we all go through in life and has served as a reference for many including myself. If you have not read it, please grab a copy of the book now on our sale price of only $9.99 for a limited period. click

You may also recall that I talk about a Coach. Seth Kopf is the man. Click on the link below now to officially meet the Coach that held my hand through my very first half Marathon. Weather we know it or not, there is always a need for a Coach and believe me, you will be happy you asked for help instead of spinning your wheels.  I am so excited about his mentorship as I am no expert in running a full marathon and I have every intention to follow his 22 week program. Do you have a Coach? If not i encourage you to seek one in an area of struggle and be prepared to be a student.

I intend to share with you my journey in detail and all I ask is for you to encourage me and strengthen me through this journey. The biggest obstacle I am hoping to accomplish on this journey is #CONSISTENCY. I have concluded recently that CONSISTENCY is the biggest factor that deters most from finishing their race on their journey to success and I am no exception.

Help me accomplish my first marathon. I need more coaches and I need accountability partners. Will you support me?