My Gratitude Story

A few years ago, I was researching how adults develop HABITS and how these habits can be influenced positively and essentially re-shaped. I stumbled on an article that elaborated on the Conscious and Subconcious mind.  I was interested to understand why an adult can be Motivated for a moment, walk away and loose that motivation especially if they were away from the environment that provided the inspiration they needed. I learned quickly that, the reason was because when you motivate an adult you are only impacting their Conscious mind which only controls 10% of their decision-making power, yet if you help an adult TRANSFORM, you impact the Sub-Conscious mind which essentially controls 90% of their actions and habits.

I learnt that, Children are mostly subconscious mind until the age of 9 or 10 when their conscious minds begin to develop. Every drop of information taken in by children is stored and organized within their subconscious minds. All their experiences, along with the corresponding thoughts and feelings that accompany those experiences, become the foundation for the belief systems children develop and subsequently rely on as they go through their lives.

For this reason, I developed an interest in investing my time back with Children.
Over the last year, I have spent some time speaking with the children in the elementary schools around me and this year, I was simply pleased to receive letters from these kids, sharing their gratitude. I am so grateful I get the opportunity to inspire and help form their subconscious mind.