The 21-Day System

A few weeks ago I shared with you that I had decided to embark on a journey to transform my mind, body and soul and wanted to provide you some updates on my progress.

To begin with, I launched a campaign called the #journeytosexy40 🙂 I hope you like that LOL. That campaign came about when I mentioned to my dearest hubby I would look my best at 40. Let’s just say his comment gave me the motivation and inspiration to do this. The next thing I did was to register myself for a 55-day healthy challenge. I am on day 28 and I am loving what I am seeing. It literally took 21 days for me to actually see and feel the results. Now I am loving every moment of this journey, not only because my body is transforming but also for the fact that my mind is strengthening every day. I always come back home with the best ideas after a good run or workout. Try it!!

I do have to tell you though, that it was not easy to get to the 21 days. Every day felt like a struggle. At the end of my 7th day I had lost 4 pounds, 14th day lost 5.2 pounds and by the 21st day I was looking at 10.6 pounds down and 4 inches off my waste.

It is a well known fact that It takes around three weeks of perpetual action for a new habit to really set in and start becoming part of your subconscious. The hardest part is getting through those 21 days and I promise you it gets easier. You begin to see progress and worthiness of the 30 to 45mins a day you commit to forming this new habit.

I challenge you to join me on this transformation. What habits are you struggling to develop or possibly even get rid off? Start your 21-day journey and share your progress with me. Let me start by being completely transparent with you.

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