The DREAM I once had became a REALITY!!!

26.2 Miles Completed

The Dream started in 2006. It took me 10 years to accomplish it but it eventually happened because I applied the Principle of the Compound Effect.

In 2006, a colleague and I were chit chatting at our desk at work and he shared with me his experience as a Marathon finisher. I was sooooo proud of him but he left me that day with a desire. That day, I started dreaming of finishing a Marathon someday. The following year, I planned to run a race with him and one thing led to another. Most importantly I let FEAR get to me. The thought of running 26.2 miles scared me so much I kind of tucked that dream to the side and moved on with my life.

It wasn’t until 2010, when that dream was awoken again with the introduction of  the COMPOUND EFFECT. So here is what I did………

  • In September 2013 I completed my first Half Marathon
  • In September 2014 I completed my 2nd Half Marathon
  • I took a break in 2015 to train
  • In October 2016 I finally completed my first FULL Marathon

What’s the MORAL of my story………..

Start Living your DREAMS today. Pick up those dreams you have tucked away for so long and apply the principles I used and you can achieve that goal. It took me 10 years, so don’t worry. Who is counting??? It’s your DREAM so move at your own pace but whatever you do don’t stop. Remember Life is a Marathon, all you need to do is to cross the finish line….