What Stories helps you navigate the STORM

Hello Super Friend,

I don’t know about you, but any-time I have to select a program to watch, I tend to gravitate towards Inspirational stories, Biblical Stories or Health related documentaries. Somedays I watch Shark Tank and to help me unwind I will end up watching “Family Feud”

When I began my journey as an Entrepreneur the first thing I learnt was to turn off the TV and turn on my “LIFE”. Why was this so important??? It’s very easy to get distracted with the noise around us.

To validate this, one morning at the gym a few weeks ago, I decided to pay attention to the news, it was amazing how the stories went from one horror story to the next. There was no end to the shooting’s, the robbery, the attacks and it went on and on and on and I was just sick to my belly.  This is why I am very careful what I watch.

My kids have been trained to do the same. Recently, we stumbled on a movie called “FIRST POSITION” a very inspiring movie about children who are aspiring to become professionals in ballet. All the stories were admirable, however the one that stuck with me the most was a story about a little girl who beat all the odds in life and how she navigated the storms from being a “war orphan” from Sierra Leone to now an American “star Ballerina”- Michaela DePrince

Michaela had injured her foot and she was about to participate in a  competition that would define her future. This is a quote from her I would like to share that inspired me so much “This competition can ruin my tendon’s and destroy my career, but my teachers know I won’t stop even if I am in pain, I won’t stop”

These are the kind of stories I think we need to gravitate more towards. The stories that inspires us and gives us ammunition to also stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

Your assignment today…..

Find a story that inspires you today and use that story to navigate your storms this week….