What if you choose to give up?

I woke up this morning feeling blessed and thankful for all the opportunities that has been presented to me. I wondered what would have happened if I chose not to grasp the opportunity but rather let is slide away. What will my life be like today?

It saddens me that many are presented with the opportunity but only a few choose to seize the moment and take full advantage of it.

Perhaps the generation before you settled in life and chose to be followers and not leaders
Perhaps the generation before you did not fight enough for their dreams
Perhaps the generation before you did not live life fulfilled and settled for little

So if your generation did not leave a legacy full of fulfillment, achievement and success are you willing to pass on this same history down to our future leaders?

How can you impact the future generation if you do not start living and taking chances in life. For things to change it must start with YOU first.

Are you willing to fight for your generation? if so START TODAY!